• Location: Nohak-dong, Sokcho City, Kangwon-do.
  • Sites: Two
  • Getting there: Take the number 3 or 3-1 city bus from Sokcho.
  • Volume:
  • Temperature: 42 - 53 degrees C
  • Mineral content: Sulphur, radium, fluorine

There are two locations here to bathe:

  • Cheoksan Hot Springs. Well outfitted, not huge though. You can look out the window from the cold pool into the farm fields to the east. Pleasant enough in here.
  • Seorak Hot Springs at the Cheoksan Resort. Currently the men's area is extremely small, with a little hot pool, a littler cold pool, and a tiny bathtub-sized pool in the middle for dipping water and pouring it on oneself. There's no dry sauna or steam-room or multi-directional shower. It can be very crowded in there. The women's side, on the other hand, is huge and replete with facilities. It's also in a different building. August 2005 the cost was 4,000 won for either side. There is a restaurant in the building with the men's bath.

--Skookum 02:52, 5 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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