Daegu is a city of 2.5 million people located on the Naktong River in South-East Korea. It is situated in a basin surrounded by mountains, which gives the city a unique climate and beauty. It is about an hour by train to such major centres as Pusan and Kyung ju, and is about 2 hours from Seoul (or 40 min by plane.)

The city is particularly renowned as a textile manufacturing centre, and has launched an ambitious project to become the fashion capital of Asia. Daegu has a variety of activities to suit many tastes: parks, mountain walking trails, a large amusement park, and a wide variety of restaurants. Daegu has a sizeable expatriate community of North Americans, and plenty of night-life action. It also has several large Korean-style open markets, and one of the largest herbal medicine markets in Korea. There are also English language bookstores, millions of internet cafes, and even a red light district.

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