Daejeon, also known as Tajon or Hanbat, is a Metropolitan City located in the center of South Korea. Daejeon currently is the 5th largest city in all of South Korea. Daejeon has a Government Complex called the Daejeon Government Complex (정부대전청사). Daejeon is the city that had the 1993 EXPO and also one of the cities where the 2002 World Cup Stadium is.



From Seoul, ride the Gyeongbu Highway and in about 3~4 hours you can arrive at Daejeon


The nearest airport is the Cheongju Airport, but it doesn't have any international lines except to countries like Japan,China, and Philippenes.
The second nearest is the Gunsan airport, but it doesn't have many international lines compared to Cheongju.
the nearest after that is the Inchon International airport and the Kimpo airport.

on waterEdit

Since Daejeon does not have any coastlines like Daegu or Gwangju, you cant really ride a boat or a ship to Daejeon unless you ride a boat using the Gum river.