Administrative District


Province: Gyeonggi-do
Area: 20.8 km2 (8.0 sq mi)
Population: 381,732
Neighborhoods: 15

Flower: Climbing Rose
Tree: Pine Tree
Bird: Pidgeon

One of the 25 districts in Seoul. It is located on the north side of the Han River. Donbong Mt. is nearby and actually its area is in charge of dobong-gu. Dobongsan, which provides a resting place to Dobong-gu residents, is located in the northeast of Bukhansan Mt. In addition, Dobongsan Mt has many large and small temples such as Cheonchuksa, Wontongsa, and Manweolam.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Dobong-gu is accesible through one rail line and two subway lines.

Railroad[edit | edit source]

KORAIL[edit | edit source]

  • Seoul Line 1
(Uijeongbu) ← Dobongsan — Dobong — Banghak — Changdong — Nokcheon → (Nowon-gu)

Subway[edit | edit source]

  • Seoul Line 4
(Nowon-gu) ← Chang-dong — Ssangmun → (Gangbuk-gu)

  • Seoul Line 7
(Uijeongbu) ← Dobongsan → (Nowon-gu)

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

  • Dobongsan
  • Cheonchuksa
  • Wontongsa
  • Manweolam
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