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Donghae (동해, 東海) is a medium sized Korean city on the East Coast. A strange American kind of city - no proper focus, highways running here and there cutting neighborhoods off from each other.

The population is around 150,000. Actually, population is under 100,000.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

The nearest major city is Gangneung which is about 30 minutes away by bus. Bus services to Seoul are regular and cheap (running roughly every 30 minutes and costing around 19000 won) - now about 25000 won. The journey time to Seoul is around 3-4 hours depending on traffic.

Recently high-speed rail service started. Under 2.5 hours for the journey to Seoul.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

By air  [edit | edit source]

By rail[edit | edit source]

Two train stations, Donghae at the south end of town, and Mukho at the north end. Both are a ways from the center of town.

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By Ship[edit | edit source]

DBS Cruise Ferryoperating  between Donghae,S.Korea - Vladivostok,Russia

Municipal transit[edit | edit source]

Bus[edit | edit source]

Local bus system also runs buses into neighboring Samcheok and Okgye.

Shopping[edit | edit source]

Public Markets[edit | edit source]

One in Donghae's center, wherever that is.

To my non-knowing friend, this occurs every 5 days (3,13, 23 and 8, 18, 28 are numbers to remember) where farmers, brokers, etc. sell everything from produce, fish, meat, plants, clothes, shoes to street food. This is nearby Donghae Port.

Another quite good one is in Mukho, the Joongang Shijang.

They sell everything from live to dried seafood. They will also cut the fish to your preference (nominal charge). Nearby are restaurants that will also cook your selections for a nominal charge.

Department Stores[edit | edit source]

E-Mart & A-Mart

Grocery Stores[edit | edit source]

Theres an E-Mart in downtown Donghae. Also an A-Mart which has a Small selection of international foods

Convenience Stores[edit | edit source]

Virtually every block has a GS25, 7-11, E-Mart 24 or something similar.

Electronics Stores[edit | edit source]


Home and Garden Stores[edit | edit source]

Book Stores[edit | edit source]

General Stores[edit | edit source]

Never saw a cracker barrel in this town....

Dining and Entertainment[edit | edit source]

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Local Attractions[edit | edit source]

The major attractions are Mansang Beach which is very popular with tourists during the summer months, Murang Valley a large and popular hiking trail and Mukho the fishing port which as well having numerous quality seafood restaurants and a great fish market also has a habour in which one can catch a ferry to the pleasant island of Ullungdo.

There is also Cheongok Cave for visitors.

Chuam Beach is a smaller beach in Donghae, famous for a "Candlestick" structure in the nearby water.

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Temples[edit | edit source]

Recreation[edit | edit source]

Outdoor Activities[edit | edit source]

Parks[edit | edit source]

There's beaches in places though many of them are blocked by barbed wire. Some of them included ways to get around the wire. Hanseong beach is small but is only a 10 minute walk from the E-Mart. Many hills to climb. Murreung Valley is only a 30 minute bus-ride away and offers an amazing look at some Korean mountains and valleys. Also, Mansang is a famous beach only a 20 minute drive north of the city.

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