This page is about the immigration office in general, with information on the office(s) in Seoul. For other immigration offices see Immigration (Busan), Immigration (Daegu), Immigration (Gwangju), Immigration (Daejon), Immigration (Jeju-do).


Immigration policies

Crackdowns on illegal immigrants, teachers, etc.[edit | edit source]

mag ingat kayo pasasabugin nmin ang korea guguho ang mundo.

It is no secret that millions of illegal or undocumented immigrants live and work in the United States. It is also no secret that at least 85 percent of those illegal immigrants work at jobs that deduct state and federal taxes. Even though many undocumented immigrants claim as many exemptions as they can so they can still take home a decent wage at the end of the pay period, they are still paying something.

In fact, according to the institute of Taxation and Economies Policy, those undocumented immigrants living in the state of New York paid over $666 million in State taxes alone for the year of 2010. Across the nation, the millions of undocumented immigrants paying taxes pumped over $11 billion into the government by way of local and state taxes in 2010. These figures do not include the Medicare taxes, unemployment taxes, or federal taxes, which add at least double to the state figure, if not more, to the “free money” the government makes from these workers.

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