Hangul is the easiest writing system in the world to use.

Letter, letter name

  • ㄱ giyeok (기역) gieuk (기윽)
  • ㄴ nieun (니은)
  • ㄷ digeut (디귿) dieut (디읃)
  • ㄹ rieul (리을)
  • ㅁ mieum (미음)
  • ㅂ bieup (비읍)
  • ㅅ siot (시옷) sieut (시읏)
  • ㅇ ieung (이응)
  • ㅈ jieut (지읒)
  • ㅊ chieut (치읓)
  • ㅋ kieuk (키읔)
  • ㅌ tieut (티읕)
  • ㅍ pieup (피읖)
  • ㅎ hieut (히읗)

Hangul video series[edit | edit source]

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