Mayor: 박원순(Park Won-Soon)
Area: 605.25 km2 (233.7 sq mi)
Population: 10,464,051

Flower: Forsythia
Tree: Ginkgo
Bird: Magpie

Seoul is the biggest city in Korea and located within an hour's drive from the North Korean border. Nevertheless, its 10.1 million citizens live life here without much thought as to what goes on up north.

The best-known areas of Seoul to foreigners are Sinchon (not to be confused with Sincheon), Hongdae, Apgujung, Gangnam, and Chongno 3(sam) Ga. Sinchon, Hongdae and Ewha are subway exits along the green (number 2) line and boast a robust student nightlife. They are located very close to Yonsei University, Hongik University, Sogang University and Ewha University. The combination of student housing, cheap motels and unusual (western-style) bars makes this area a reasonable alternative to Itaewon. Take a photo tour of Seoul's neighborhoods.

Gangnam and Sillim are student areas for Seoul National University of Education (Kyodae) and Seoul National University (Seouldae), respectively. Both provide a slightly upscale, but affordable nightlife. Close to the Kangnam subway station (exit 7) is the most famous TaeKwon-Do institute in the world. Sillim is famous for its dalk-kalbi (a chicken and glass noodle dish). Is Seoul an expensive city? Gangnam in general can be quite pricey but other student areas like Sillim are quite reasonable. Seoul isn't that expensive considering what it offers, it's relative size, and how safe it is.

On the west you can find places like Mokdong, where the main Korean Immigration Centre is located.

On the east side of Seoul are a few neat places. The Samseong station on the green (number 2) line is home to COEX mall , the largest indoor mall in Seoul. Completed in 2001 and next door to the Korean World Trade Center, you can find upscale shopping, foreign chain restaurants and an Apple Store.

Down south but still on the subway line you can find places like Anyang, Suwon and Sanbon. Anyang has quite a vibrant night-life with many bars. Suwon is home the Hwaseong Fortress Unesco site. Sanbon is a new city close to Anyang that is also quite pleasant, with coffee shops and a nice view of the mountains nearby.

The Seoul subway has over 500 stations and 11 lines.

Make sure to visit N Seoul Tower , if you're in Seoul for any length of time. It's one of Korea's iconic landmarks.

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Seoul Districts Map
There are 25 administrative districts in Seoul, which are listed below.

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